How can I get a discount?

We provide quite nice discounts on ordered quantities.
Discounts start on orders of a minimum of 24 pieces, and increase with increasing order quantity. How we apply discounts you can see in the table below:


Quantity of products needed to be ordered (in pieces) to get DISCOUNT

Aprox. no. of Transport boxes*












4-7# or more


*The no. of transport boxes depends on whether you order more cans or bottles, or if you perhaps mix them together. In any case, you can easily calculate the “Packaging segment Value (PSV)” (look at “Transport Box & Packaging”) of each product and optimize your order to your liking.


What’s the OUTLET?

The OUTLET is Goblet Beer Store’s space where we offer you beers ON SALE!

Generally, we will offer you great discounts on beers which are within 60 days of their best before/expiry date, but, sometimes, the Outlet will be our creative zone as well, where we will highlight our favorite beers, giving them a push, or, for example, celebrate Jerry Garcia’s birthday with a great discount on his favorite beer - Sierra Nevada Porter!

In case of orders of 24 and more beers, Outlet discounts can be combined with the above-mentioned quantity-based discounts.